New Tagging Bays and Potential Stingray Nursery

A couple of trips out to check out some new tagging locations and talk to some Captains about potential nursery areas. With the bow hunters taking stingrays beyond a reasonable number, my research is moving to different locations. Tagging locations in Alabama will no longer be revealed.

Thanks to some boat Captains that care about our local bays and promoting a healthy fishing community, I have discovered two new nursery areas. Betsy, with Floy Tag, made me some very small filament tags that will work great for tagging the small rays that we usually have to return to the water untagged. We will start tagging again this spring.

Rich at Progressive Marine was also kind enough to allow me to place two Atlantic Stingrays in a host tank as a control. The tag longevity, animal motility and potential tag rejection are being monitored.

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