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Latest Resighting: Thanks to Carle and David on the Pensacola Beach, Tiger Shark #035 has been resighted!

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    Extra information such as length, width, distinguishing marks and tag condition are very helpful.

    Photo courtesy of Billy Ray at

     The Tagging Project

    Little is known about the Stingray and Skate populations in the northern portions of the Gulf of Mexico. The tagging projects goal is to tag and re-identify specimens in an effort to determine their prospective migration routes, breeding and foraging areas as well as their travel potential into brackish and fresh water bodies. An alarming number of rays have been killed in Alabama bays due to bow hunting. With out sufficient data to support this levels of extraction our bays could face a trophic cascade that impacts more than just the skates and rays.


    We appreciate all those who take the time to record any tagged Stingray data from specimens caught in any waters.

    The Stingray tag should be located in the medial radials of the specimens fin. The tag will have the URL and a unique set of identifier numbers that are particular for that individual stingray or skate.


    To submit your data, fill out the short form on this page and hit send. We will never share vessel location or personal fishing data.


    For questions, contact us at:

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